About Us

What is Chatkart?

Chatkart is a no-code tool for SMBs to grow their business in autopilot mode, through WhatsApp.

It all starts with merchants on-boarding customers either through Chatkart in-store scanner or contact upload.

Merchants can set up messaging campaigns to showcase top products, share offers, announce new launches, send personalized reminders, share updates & collect feedback, with their customers on WhatsApp. They can send messages more efficiently by selecting pre-created templates and scheduling campaigns ahead of time.

Our auto-pilot engine engages with customers throughout their commerce journey. Through automated workflows for retargeting and gamified engagement on WhatsApp, we not only capture customer interests but also convert them and drive repeats.

Customers can interact with merchant’s messages within WhatsApp. They can browse products/services, place an order, make a booking, ask queries and show interest. Fulfillment happens either at the store or through delivery by merchant.

About Our Mission

We enable merchants to connect & engage efficiently with their customers on WhatsApp, thus increasing conversion, retention and brand recall.